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A just barely playable bodge job at best.


While there were plenty who preferred The Sims 2 for PC to the all new The Sims 3, it was still a very successful computer game. Trouble is, it seems the developers have gotten a little carried away with the success and seem to be making some console ports that shouldn't even be considered games sometimes. Thankfully, this one's at least playable, but with some serious drawbacks.

First of all, gameplay. I'm not entirely sure what it is that makes The Sims so fun. Maybe it's the endless creativity, use of imagination, or just infinite re-playability? Who knows. But it's definitely not present...


Best Console Sim Yet; Plays Like a PC Port

The good:

  • No forced story mode.
  • Same items and occupations as PC counterpart.
  • Great controls and graphics.

The bad:

  • Only one family can be played with in the neighborhood.
  • Only one neighborhood is available.


Some complaints I have had with the console Sims games in the past is that they did not feel like the PC Sims games. They felt like they were recreated for the (old) stereotypical gamer who would only play adventure/RPG games on the single player game mode. There would be a forced story, goals that were needed to advance the forced story, having a family and kids only got in the way of the forced story, and it felt completely different from the sandbox-simulators found on the PC. However, this game changes all of that.

For the first time ever, a console Sims game feels like a PC Sims game. N...


A great, almost full Sims experience on a handheld... finally!


First of all, I am very pleased to be able to say that this game is pretty much just like a PC/Mac Sims game... addictive. Most outsiders to the Sim world just don't understand what's so great about Sims, when it seems just like real life... and even we Sims addicts don't know what it is that gives all Sims games some advantage over other games... maybe it's the fact that they go on and on for however long you want your Sims' lives to last... whatever it is, it's something special, and The Sims 3 for the Nintendo DS definitely has it.

The Story
Well, since this is a Sims game (and...


A small slice of sims

The good:

More items. Items such as table decorations which really make a house a home, laptops and beds!
More customization. You now can choose the exact shade that you want your blue sofa to be. The exact pattern on your bed quilt. You get taken to a screen where all the differnt patterns are catorgrised and then you can select them!
Better System for buy mode.
More freedom for create a Sim-no clones! There are now long set 4 set hair colours or skin tones. You know can use a tool to select the exact shade if you so desire. As with the funiture customization you can do the same with clothing! And one of my favorites, you can choose the shoes!
More freedom everywhere.
No loading screens.
A whole neighbourhood per family!
able to upload Sims, clothing, households ect.
And more!

The bad:

Bugs & Glitches. (Some include odd textures that stretch across the whole screen)
Requires a very good computer to play on.
Rabbit holes for certain community lots.
It cost money to buy custom content from the store. Somethings are a reasonable price like maybe 1,00 Sim points for a set of 32 things. Others are 100 Simpoints for 1 thing.


I love this game for many reasons. I brought this game as soon as it came out and was hooked. I loved the new features of the game. no loading screens was definitely a BIG plus. i also love the new saving system. Instead of every Sim in the same neighbourhood only growing old as you play them each family gets there own neighbourhood copy. If I create a Sim child and he befriends somebody he will grow up too. Even if you only play on that household in the neighbourhood.

Opportunities are much more common and easier. Some include skills other include friends. They all have their own reward- m...


Sims 3: Improvement or Disaster?

The good:

Customization feature.
The new ability to roam every aspect of the neighborhood.
Better 3D graphics.
The much better, much easier Create-A-Sim.
Tables can hold much more than before.
Angled items.

The bad:

The amount of space the game needs.
The speed of the game.
Must-Be-Mutual relationships.
Now having to pay for Custom Content not made in game.


Because there are so many Pros and Cons, I think I'll just address them directly.

The new Customization feature: The customization feature in the game now lets you change just about everything. If you want a completely orange room, you can now have a completely orange room. Tables, beds, chairs, TVs, clothes, the list goes on. It's a fresh new take on Custom Content.

Create-A-Sim was a huge improvement. Not only can you customize skin tone, face shape, and clothing, but you can also customize body type. There are two bars you use for the body - Fat, and Muscle. Do you want your sim petite and...

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