The Sims 3 Tips

Ok, so there are a few houses (Green House, Goth Mansion, Adobe Estate, etc.) that you can't buy because of the fire code (it's a game glitch there's not much that can be done). Most people on cheat sites will say that the Chalet is one of the houses that you can't buy but I've found a way to get it that really works (it can only be done when you star a new game*).

First at the beggining of the game buy the empty lot with nothing but a fridge (DON'T BUY A HOUSE FOR IT) and then you do the catfish cheat [go to the store buy 60 catfish you don't really need 100 to get the infinite simoleons and it doesn't matter if it has 1 star or 3) now go to you lot put the fish in the fridge for at least 30-40 sim-minutes ( if you don't know how you just have to press the fridge, press open and then press the little backpack at the left topside corner then you'll see the fish and you just keep pressing on it until you empty all the fish in the fridge). Ok , so after the 30-40 minutes have passed take them out of the fridge, then go to build/buy mode and sell the fridge then go to the supermarket and sell all the fish and you'll have infinite simoleons.]

Next you press 2 on your remote on the lower right side of the screen press the word moving, sell your lot. Then go to the biggest house above the school and buy it unfurnished*, now go to build/buy mode and make sure you sell all the doors and stairs in the house unless you want to keep them and use them latter (you won't be able to sell the doors on the first floor though). After you sell all doors and stairs (if you want, I prefer to) sell the house. Now you just have to buy the Chalet place it in your lot ( the game will probably show you the fire code message so make sure you buy everything you want for the house or you won't be able to buy it later).