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The Sims 3 cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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ageing tip
Fed up of no way to stop ageing? I have 2 tips that might help:

1. The death flower

First find a death flower bush, the best place too look is around the cemetery. Harvest the death flower (annoyingly it will die once you harvest it, bit I will get to that in a minute) and keep it in your inventory, and when u die your sim will give it it to death, and he will ressurect u.

P.s it helps if there is at least one green thumb sim in the family with 7 gardening skill, they can plant the bush and revive it when it dies.

Also when resurrected you stay an elder so if you want to stay adult follow this next tip.

2. Ambrosia

This method is a little more irritating, because you need 10 cooking and 7 fishing skills.

First study the cooking skill until you get to 10 and then go to the bookstore and by the ambrosia book for 12 thou simoleons, and read it until u learnt it. Next is the death fish, and in some cases u can buy these in the supermarket but if not u need 7 fishing skill. When you get 7 fishing skill, at night go to the graveyard (ooo spooky) and fish where the fog appears and you will get one, then find a life fruit either from supermarket or bush, and go home. Go to the frige and click on it and say "have lunch...ambrosia" and your sim will make in and eat it and voila! No more ageing. And it gives you a 7 day 75 moodlet.

Hope it helps

Mille 4532
Ok, so there are a few houses (Green House, Goth Mansion, Adobe Estate, etc.) that you can't buy because of the fire code (it's a game glitch there's not much that can be done). Most people on cheat sites will say that the Chalet is one of the houses that you can't buy but I've found a way to get it that really works (it can only be done when you star a new game*).

First at the beggining of the game buy the empty lot with nothing but a fridge (DON'T BUY A HOUSE FOR IT) and then you do the catfish cheat [go to the store buy 60 catfish you don't really need 100 to get the infinite simoleons and it doesn't matter if it has 1 star or 3) now go to you lot put the fish in the fridge for at least 30-40 sim-minutes ( if you don't know how you just have to press the fridge, press open and then press the little backpack at the left topside corner then you'll see the fish and you just keep pressing on it until you empty all the fish in the fridge). Ok , so after the 30-40 minutes have passed take them out of the fridge, then go to build/buy mode and sell the fridge then go to the supermarket and sell all the fish and you'll have infinite simoleons.]

Next you press 2 on your remote on the lower right side of the screen press the word moving, sell your lot. Then go to the biggest house above the school and buy it unfurnished*, now go to build/buy mode and make sure you sell all the doors and stairs in the house unless you want to keep them and use them latter (you won't be able to sell the doors on the first floor though). After you sell all doors and stairs (if you want, I prefer to) sell the house. Now you just have to buy the Chalet place it in your lot ( the game will probably show you the fire code message so make sure you buy everything you want for the house or you won't be able to buy it later).
how to have twins on the wii
first get your female sim pregnet. then after a full sim day she will give birth. once you come home try for a baby again. as soon as your sims are finish woohooing the female will be rushed to the hospitel and have a secont child.
note that if your sim woohoo's with 2 difrent guys then in the seceont childs relationship panle it will say that the first guy is there father even thoughw they will still have genetice from the secnod guy
lots of simoleons
When you need cash, just go to the fresh fruits store at the corner and buy a bunch of 3 star catfish, they are $9 each. Now go put them in your refrigerater for a few minutes and then take them back to the fresh fruits store and sell them. They will give you about $20,000 each! And it works every time!
Which Skills / Traits for what job?
Okay, so this isnt' really a cheat, just a tip for when you're making your family, and choosing the lifetime goal for adults, like getting to the top level of a certain career.

- Logic (genius)
- Athletic

- Logic (genius)
- Athletic

- Charisma
- Logic (genius)

- Athletic
- Charisma
- Logic (genius)

- Cooking (natural cook)
- Charisma

- Guitar (virtuoso)
- Charisma
- Athletic

- Logic (genius)
- Charisma
- Handiness

- Logic (genius)
- Handiness
- Fishing (angler)

For other lifetime goals surrounding money (living in lap of luxury / swimming in cash) I'd recommend the catfish cheat (buy 80 3* catfish from the grocery store, put them in your fridge, fast forward time for 30 real seconds, sell them back at 17,000 simoleons each - gives you 999,999 infinitely)


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Catfish Glitch = Unlimited Money!!!
Catfish Cheat

Note: This cheat works for a wii only; If you do it correctly by following the instructions below, you will have unlimited currency on sims 3.

1. Buy a fridge (And Kind Of Fridge) from the "Buy Mode".

2. Place the fridge on your lot. (Anywhere you want to.)

3. Go to the grocery store, and buy specifically 100 catfish. (They HAVE TO BE 3 STAR OR MORE, OR ELSE IT WILL NOT WORK). Note: All of the catfish combined will add up to around 1,000 currency (dollars).

4. Go back to your lot (or wherever your fridge is) and put ALL of the catfish into your fridge by clicking on your fridge, clicking open, and put the catfish in from your inventory.

5. Wait 20 seconds (In real time, not sim time).

6. Take ALL of the catfish out of the fridge, and put it back into your inventory.

7. Now, go back to the grocery store with the catfish in your inventory.

8. Sell all of the catfish that is in your inventory to the grocery store. Note: Each catfish is now around 17,000 currency!!!!

9. After you sell all of your catfish, you will have 999,999 currency! You might have a couple catfish left, which is perfectly normal. You can either sell them there, (It won't give you any more currency though, because 999,999 currency is the limit in the game!) or you can keep them and put it in your fridge.

10. Buy something to test the currency. If you bought something that is 1,000 currency, it will say "-1,000" But, when it shows your money after that, it will still be 999,999 currency! This means you have unlimited money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great time playing! <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />