The Sims 3 Tips

Gold Digger How-to
How to complete the life time wish "gold digger"

1. create your sim. 2. Active the cheat "testingCheatsenabled true" without quotations of course. Then type in "freerealestate" Pick a lot, don't need to worry about the money. 3. Complete a few wishes in order to gain some lifetime points. Once you have 5,000 points, purchase the observant reward. The observant reward allows you to figure out 3 of a sims traits automatically upon greeting them, in addition, you get to see if they're rich. 4. Locate your rich sims, find out their names. Once you have a name (a target) press shift and click on the mailbox at your house. Choose the option "Make me know everyone". The game might freeze for a moment, but it should be temporary. Once unfrozen, check you relationships list, under all and find them rich sim you want. On the bar below their picture, drag their bar all the way up on the right side (it should be green, making them your best friend). 5. Now that you're best friends, put the moves on this sim, even if they're married, but don't let their spouse see. Once you've done enough romantic actions, you can request that they leave their spouse. Once they leave their spouse, entertain your target. Woohoo with them, try for a baby if you like. Afterwards, propose marriage. If they say yes, go for it. 6. Have the wedding, a private ceremony or a party, it doesn't matter. Once you're married, kill the rich sim in any way you like once you grow tiered of him. Make sure the sims with the gold digger trait is around when he dies, so you can see their ghost and fufill the gold digger wish.