The Sims 3 Command codes

Sims 3 Cheat: familyfunds
Hello! I'm going to show you how to use the cheat TestingCheatsEnabled True and FamilyFunds!

First enable Testingcheatsenabled true, Example: on you're keyboard do CTRL+SHIFT+C all at the same time. Then a blue shade over the screen will come down. That is the command box for Sims 3, then type in the following : testingcheatsenabled true just like that! Next once you have finished making a family and moved it in play that family then you can do this to get lots and LOTS of simoleons: familyfunds [FamilyName] [amount of money you want] and kaboom! There you have it. Heres a Example if you didn't get it the first time: familyfunds Jordan 50000000

There you go!

Happy Simming!!!