The Sims 3 Command codes

Moodlet Manager, Teleporting, and more! Oh my!
I bet you're already familiar with "testingcheatsenabled true".

The basic mail box commands: force visitor, make all happy, make needs dynamic/static, force NPC (I honestly don't see the point in "force NPC", you have to pay anyway, and half these people you can call on your phone!) and others.

SOME ADVICE: DO. NOT. FORCE. REPOMAN. I meant to hire repairman, but I hit repoman. He was maniacally laughing while sucking my computers up! I called the cops. I bet you can guess what happened: you betcha, the cops fined me! While repoman was doing his dirty work right under his nose!

TO FORCE OPPORTUNITY: click on your place of business while holding shift.

TELEPORTING: press a spot were the footprints appear, and press shift while clicking. there are 3 options if you have the patches: BUILD ON THIS LOT, BUY ON THIS LOT, and what we're looking for... TELEPORT. You have to watch it, its wicked awesome with lightning bolts and sparks

ADD TO ACTIVE FAMILY, TRIGGER AGE TRANSITION, FAVORITE MUSIC, and CHANGE TRAITS: Click while holding shift on a civilian. NOTE: I believe you can only change the traits if they are in your active family.

MOODLET MANAGING: If you have a negative moodlet, such as backaches during pregnancy, or a funeral moodlet, OR ANY NEGATIVE MOODLET, all you have to do is... shift click it.

RELATIONSHIP EDITING: Drag the bars under a person's photo left to right, depending on the goal. If I want to seduce a guy, i move it up to best friend and give him a ring. then you flirt, gaze into eyes, the whatnot.

NEEDS MANAGING: This is good if you have babies and you want them to sleep, or if you have a working sim who needs a good mood. All you have to do is drag it
NOTE: in pause mode, it doesn't seem to work. but when you resume gameplay, it rises or falls according to how you were moving it. It took me a few tries to get it.