The Sims 3 Passwords

Sims Cheat
In game mode: Hit
"[SHIFT] + [CTRL] + [C]"
to have the cheat box open.
In order to have cheats working, you have to enter
"testingcheatsenabled true"
after that, add whatever cheats you want into the game!
There are more cheats available, but most of the codes does not work. If it does not work for you, [CTRL] + RIGHT CLICK your Sim or the work place to unlock them. You can modify traits and have jobs when you click on your Sim, as well as aging them up and making everyone know you [and be your friend]
To force events and opportunities to happen at work, [CTRL] + RIGHT CLICK the work place and the option will be presented when you enter
"testingcheatsenabled true"
PasswordWhat it does
helpLoads up the cheats
MotherLodeGives you 50,000 Simoleons
KatchingGives you 1,000 Simoleons
freerealestateIgnores the money rule when moving a family into a house.
DiscoTagsGives you different colored tags in the city veiw
moveObjects onlets you intersect an object with another object
motherlodegives your sim $50,000
kachinggives your sim $1,000
helpdisplays most cheats
freerealestateignore the cost when buying a house
edit in castakes sim back to creat-a-sim
quitquits the game quickly (does not save game)