The Sims 3 Tips

Lifetime Rewards
Reward: Professional Slacker
Cost: 5,000
Function: Does not lose career performance for -Slacking Off- at work

Reward: Speedy Cleaner
Cost: 5,000
Function: Sim can clean objects faster

Reward: Fast Metabolism
Cost: 5,000
Function: Change body shape faster

Reward: Discount Diner
Cost: 5,000
Function: Free restaurant meals

Reward: Complimentary Entertainment
Cost: 5,000
Function: Free theater shows

Reward: Office Hero
Cost: 5,000
Function: Popular with peers (Increase Relationship Gain during -Hang With Co-Workers-)

Reward: Legendary Host
Cost: 5,000
Function: Everyone invited shows up to your parties and they have a higher quality

Reward: Observant
Cost: 5,000
Function: Instantly learn traits when socializing (tunable number of traits learned)

Reward: Steel Bladder
Cost: 10,000
Function: Never have to go pee

Reward: Change Lifetime Wish
Cost: 10,000
Function: Pick a new lifetime wish to replace the current one

Reward: Multi-Tasker
Cost: 10,000
Function: Increased career performance/do homework faster

Reward: Bookshop Bargainer
Cost: 10,000
Function: Cheaper Books

Reward: Attractive
Cost: 10,000
Function: Sims with appropriate preference start in a high relationship to you

Reward: Opportunistic
Cost: 10,000
Function: Increase opportunity rewards (earn 2x reward)

Reward: Fertility Treatment
Cost: 10,000
Function: Increases chance of conception and chance of twins or triplets

Reward: Dirt Defiant
Cost: 15,000
Function: Hygiene concerns be gone!

Reward: Never Dull
Cost: 15,000
Function: Always interesting (never boring when socializing)

Reward: Vacationer
Cost: 15,000
Function: Reduce performance decay for missing work

Reward: Haggler
Cost: 15,000
Function: Permanent shopping discount (at stores)

Reward: Fast Learner
Cost: 15,000
Function: Develop skills faster

Reward: Super-Green Thumb
Cost: 20,000
Function: Harvestables are of universally higher quality

Reward: Long Distance Friend
Cost: 20,000
Function: No relationship decay when apart from LTRs

Reward: Mid-Life Crisis
Cost: 20,000
Function: Change Traits

Reward: Hardly Hungry
Cost: 25,000
Function: Don't have to eat as often
(this is really handy, you only have to eat like twice a week)

Reward: Extra Creative
Cost: 30,000
Function: Paintings are always higher-than-average quality

Reward: Acclaimed Author
Cost: 30,000
Function: Increased royalty checks (from writing)

Reward: Body Sculptor
Cost: 30,000
Function: Instantly change body shape with this wish

Reward: Collection Helper
Cost: 40,000
Function: This adds marks on Map View that help spot collectibles like metals and beetles

Reward: Food Replicator
Cost: 50,000
Function: Freely duplicate meals without the shopping or cooking time

Reward: Mood Modifier (or Moodlet Manager)
Cost: 60,000
Function: Remove negative moodlets... most of the time

Reward: Teleportation Pad
Cost: 75,000
Function: Quick way of getting from home to specific locations