The Sims 3 Tips

These recipes are automatically learnt when you raise a skill level
If you are a vegetarian, you will learn alternate recipes to those containing meat

Skill Level 0: Autumn Salad, Waffles, Mac and Cheese
Skill Level 1: Pancakes, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Hot Dogs
Skill Level 2: Gooby Carbonara, Grilled Cheese
Skill Level 3: None
Skill Level 4: Spaghetti, Sushi Roll
Skill Level 5: Stu Surprise
Skill Level 6: Hamburger
Skill Level 7: Key Lime Pie
Skill Level 8: Grilled Salmon
Skill Level 9: French Toast, Dim Sum
Skill Level 10: Lobster Thermador

These Recipes can be aqquired by reading recipe books purchased from the bookstore
Recipe: Ratatouille
Level Required: 1

Recipe: Fish and Chips
Level Required: 3

Recipe: Cookies
Level Required: 3

Recipe: Fruit Parfait
Level Required: 4

Recipe: Cheesesteak
Level Required: 5

Recipe: Cobbler
Level Required: 6

Recipe: Eggs Machiavellian
Level Required: 7

Recipe: Tri-Tip Steak
Level Required: 8

Recipe: Stuffed Turkey
Level Required: 9

Recipe: Baked Angel Food Cake
Level Required: 10

Recipe: Ambrosia
Level Required: 10