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A big Disappointment


What can be said about the Sims in general? Possible, a small revolution of gaming itself. No other PC, or console game really gave players the freedom and choice that Sims did. Sure some before it came close, but no other Sim like game really got the full publicity and necessarity's that needed to be in a game like this, like the original Sims did. And now that we have the power of system such as the X-Box and ps2, we are introduced to games that once before; gamers only had PC's to rely on. Game play 8/10: Sims game play, if that's what you want to call it, is not at all hard or difficult. It's probably the easiest in gaming to master. Build houses, create Sims, and live their lives as your own. The building features of Sims 2 are defiantly the best part of the game. You can spend hours trying to perfect your house and give your Sims as much stuff possible, with the help of cheats or not. Creating Sims is simple also. Get a random grandparent and parent trait, you can change it if you don't like it, and customize your Sim. If you don't like any of the Sims, don't worry to much, you can change a lot of things about it to how you see fit. One more thing about the game is that you will constantly have to check up on people on your home. Every Sim you make, needs most be met, or they will die. When you die, you enter a spirit like ghost form, and can either just die and move on, or pay the Grim Reaper to go back to life. And in this update, Sims actually have memories, so if you and your partner have a fond memory of long ago, the two of you can talk and laugh about it. Story 5/10: Not the funniest part of the Sims. If you were like me, you didn't really pay much attention to this part of the game to much. Free play is a lot funnier and you have more choice. The story basically is, make a Sim, and get him/her through life. You must achieve certain goals and do certain things to unlock new items or that type of thing. Even though you can just skip the story and put the cheats in and have everything like that. I am not a big cheat user, but in this game its more of a relief than going through it all. Music/Sound 4/10: Even on the early days of the PC Sims games, I was unimpressed by the sound and music. I don't know why the developers think it's a good idea to have every Sim talk gibberish, while talking an actual language is all the rage now a days. Of course that would be to hard now wouldn't it? Who wants to listen to people you can actually understand? And the music in the game is so bland and unfulfilling, I am glad I own an MP3 player. It's like listening to elevator music, if the elevator was sending you to hell. I did like that they placed some things in the game like you can hear the music on the television or stereo in game, which was a life like mix. Graphics 7/10: they were certainly, unique. The character models had great detail in every aspect of the character, from a lot of make up, to what color cloths they wear. Everything on the characters was nice and thought out. The houses that you build to looked average and greatly colored. And I understand that when making transitions from PC to console is difficult for graphics, for a console game, I was unimpressed. Half Life 2 made the trade with utter perfection for the X-Box, why couldn't this? They were released about the same time. But oh well. They were average, and not much else was to outstanding to mention. Rent or Buy? It's a fun rent, if your looking for something to do and to lose some time in your personal life for a week. But after buying Sims 2, you won't be very impressed, and will probably wind up returning it a few months later. Sims 2 is an average game, but for a game to come from PC, and doesn't live up to standards of other games; it just doesn't sit well with me. I was disappointed, especially since loose talk that this would be one of the best games of the year for the X-Box, but it failed to do anything outstanding. It's a nice rent for a long weekend, but nothing really else.

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