The Sims 2 review
Patience is a virtue? Not!

The good:

The new 3D experience gives you a close-up, wide view of the entire neighborhood and Strangetown. Many features have been added in an attempt to enhance The Sims 2 experience.

The bad:

The Sims 2 for PSP suffers from major technical issues such as continous loading and unable to save your game because of the main menu screens not functioning properly at some points. This disappointment takes away the enjoyment of the new features implemented.


Don't let the graphics and new features fool you. The Sims 2 for PSP has its major positives and negatives. If I had a scale for Positives and Negatives, the Negative side will most likely outweigh the Positives. You have to think again if you choose to buy this game for this platform. If you own any other platforms like the Playstation 2, Xbox, GameCube, or PC, then I absolutely recommend getting this game for one of those.

The storyline of The Sims 2 is a very interesting one, or should I say a strange one. The game starts off when your Sim gets distracted by this unknown entity (in the original Sims, it's the diamond that floats above your head). Your Sim's car breaks down where you must get it fixed at a local repair shop that suddenly disappears, causing you to get out and move into a neighborhood built on a graveyard in Strangetown. Many strange things occur throughout this game. The garage with your car inside disappearing is just one thing that's just plain weird. So it's now a priority for your Sim to uncover the background behind these strange happenings.

You'll meet a lot of new people who will share their personal secrets as you gain a better relationship with them. You can actually sell their secrets in exchange for Simoleons, but beware that selling their secrets can cause your relationship with them to go down. You're also not the only one who loses their sanity because of these mysteries sparking. In fact, one of the first Sims you meet suffers from a trauma which actually starts your move-in to Strangetown.

When you meet a person, an option comes up called Social Game. It's just a small game where three options appear at the bottom and your goal is to select the one that matches the other Sim's wanted discussion. Note that sometimes there isn't an option (picture) that matches the other Sim's. You'll have to use common sense. It's kind of like Pictionary. You won't have forever to choose an option. You'll have to pay attention to the Patience Meter otherwise the other Sim will just get angry with you. To win the game, you have to fill up the Interest Meter.

Another thing new in this game is the Sanity Meter. Your Sanity Meter is effected by your Wants, Fears, and urgencies. Your Wants and Fears are based on your personality and aspiration. At the beginning of the game, you'll meet a woman named Mambo Loa who can tell your Sim's personality and aspiration. Your aspiration affects your most valued Want or what you're afraid of the most. Whenever you complete a Want, your Sanity Meter will boost up. You can tell your Sanity Meter is completely adequate when it turns into platinum. On the other hand, if your Sanity Meter is fully distinguished, then your Sim will reach temporary insanity. It'll cost you 500 Simoleons if you want proper treatment from the mental hospital. If you don't then you'll get a free therapist, but you'll come back with little sanity when you come back from your "vacation". Your urgencies are your basic needs. If you played any other Sims game then you'll most likely remember this part of the game. There's a slight difference with the urgencies, though. The urgencies in this game are hygiene, exhaustion, hunger, bladder, boredom, nausea, headache, and debt.

There are a lot of goals to complete. However, it may take nearly forever to complete even a couple of them. Playing this game is like being in a mall, waiting in a very long line during the holiday season. Someone might tell you to be patient, but imagine if that someone keeps telling you to be patient nearly every couple of minutes. That's how it is in The Sims 2. As I mentioned in The Bad portion of this review, the game suffers from a major issue and that's the game's constant loading. You might have read other reviewers complaining about this issue and it's true. Every time you enter a new location it takes between 5 to 10 seconds to load. You'll hear the PSP stopping and making a clicking noise, indicating that the game is loading. The loading icon in the upper right-hand corner appears several times. The game doesn't load just when you enter a new location. It loads every time you choose an object, talk to a person, and even when you press select or start to enter one of the menu screens. It gets very annoying and destroys the gameplay experience. Maybe you'll need a Sanity Meter yourself if you choose to buy this game.

The graphics in this game are solid- simple and detailed in every aspect. The graphics aren't a total disgrace. They fit the PSP perfectly. The character details are well-done. What caught my attention the most when it came to its graphics was the scenery. This is the first time I have ever seen detailed animation in a Sims game. Although it would have been extra awesome if they were something like Xbox 360 style graphics but that didn't happen, of course.

There isn't much when it comes to the sound in The Sims 2. Like the graphics, it's pretty simple. You'll pretty much only hear the location's background music mixed in with the physical and character noises (two people talking, refrigerator opening, etc.). Still, it gives you the feel of the lifestyle theme.

Mini-games! Yes, there are mini-games in this game. If you feel like you're bored you can always play a mini-game. You may also find yourself earning Simoleons because they are kind of like jobs, too. Some of the mini-games include smacking zombies back underground using a shovel, using the weight bench to pump up your Sim, and even going on the computer to test your logical skills.

The Sims 2 may seem like a great game to you, but please take note that the loading problem can drive out that happiness away. The new features can't take over this problem as it requires extra loading for these implementations.

I don't write very many reviews, but I decided to write a review to save you $50. In conclusion, here are my ratings for each category.

Gameplay: 2/5
If the loading problem was gone, I would have definitely given this a better rating.

Graphics: 4/5
As I said before, solid. I gave an extra point because of the scenery.

Sound: 3/5
Simple, yet effective. The sound fits perfectly with its lifestyle theme.

Features: 3/5
The features are great but like with the gameplay, the loading takes away the fun.

Overall Score: 3/5
This is just one strange game, literally.

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Leo52 Apr 8, 13
In this one you don´t have fears but there is something familiar:when you lose a mini-game or get scared by a ghost or a zombie,your sanity meter falls down.
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