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A breakthrough in graphics and one of the best installations available.


The Sims 2, released in 2004 for PC and 2005 for Mac was an absolute breakthrough, a stunning new sequel to the ever popular The Sims, by Will Wright, developer Maxis and publisher EA. With the same creators, The Sims 2 came as a big shock to everyone who had ever played The Sims... for a multitude of reasons.

Firstly, and probably most notably, the visuals. The Sims 2 completely turned the tables with all new full 3D graphics and a very flexible camera that could be turned in any direction desired, and zoomed in and out as much as desired. Objects and Sims are full 3D as well as their envir...


The Sims 2 Reviewed by Puppynebula

The good:

A good thing about this game is that you own a hotel which progressively gets better as you buy more rooms. Because of this it is extremely easy to get 100%. Once you have all the rooms, you have 100%.

You can check people in and out of your hotel, (which is more fun than it sounds! ) and you're given random tasks throughout the game, which if completed earn you money. But you don't have to do them. If you don't you'll just get a few nasty remarks.

The bad:

Aliens show up every once in a while, and unless you have the rat cave, you have to spray them with the water gun. This is extremely hard, because they abduct you very easily, and they can still do this while you have the water gun out.

Another bad thing is that on the third boss, there is a part where to continue, you need to earn five mechanical skill points. Skill points are these things that are really hard to find, and mechanical ones are the rarest. (I recommend finding a skill point calendar online. If you google sims 2 ds skill point calendar, im sure you'll find what you need.)

Another is that when you buy a room for your hotel, it takes eight hours to build.


You can cheer people up, calm them down, restrain them, and romance with them. To do this, you will see a thingy on the bottom of the screen with three actions. When the sim makes a move, you have to click on the correct action. Continue doing this until the meter goes down.

You can do various things in all the different rooms in your hotel. There are minigames too! In the casino (which you get at the start of the game without waiting eight hours) you can play a card game, and once in a while you can play a different card game. There are also various arcade games throughout the game. There ...


Strive For Sanity


The gloomy setting, strange town and people are back in this game The Sims 2 in playstation portable. This game wouldn't be an exception to the fact that most of the Sims game is an RPG. This game centers on living a stable life in a strange town, meeting new friends and acquaintaces, even meeting the boy/girl of your dreams. Different jobs are available to earn money so that you could buy stuffs to design your large house, buy clothes, buy expensive furniture and to keep your sanity meter. The sanity meter is important, you could raise that meter by doing what you aspire. Unlike ot...


Sims 2: Funny and enjoying

The good:

The setting is quite good and so are the townspeople. You can get to know a lot of persons with different kinds of unlock able secrets that could be very surprising.
Being a super hero in that town could be cool too. Sending goons to jail and even scaring off aliens is fun and exciting.
Improving your hotel like adding more rooms and buying first class furnitures could be hard at first but you'll soon get the hang of it after gaining lots of money from the upgrades.

The bad:

My only complaint on this game is that it has extremely short story missions.
You can finish compulsory missions in just a few days because they were extremely easy. After all the missions are completed you can continue playing the game, manage your hotel, kick butts of goons and aliens.
But somehow you would wish that the game continues on with more missions to do.
Also, it's very hard to gain skill points because they are located in hidden places. Some of the skill points are necessary to advance through the game but if you don't have them you can be stuck for a long time.


The Gameplay surrounds on a girl taking over an ugly hotel that needs upgrading. It's an RPG game with a lot of customizations. Meaning you could choose the appearance of your character, design your own room and ofcourse design your hotel. Your character could transform into a superhero by wearing a ratsuit located in a secret room in the basement.
You could fight goons and aliens when they assault some of the townsfolk.
Saving the townspeople could gain you their friendship and some money.

I'd say that the graphics aren't that perfect. Somtimes it's hard to locate some places and you won't pr...


A Disappointment to the Series

The good:

+ Story is good
+ Never ending gameplay

The bad:

- Terrible Graphics
- Not able to control Sims like PC version
- Gameplay becomes boring once you have beaten the game
- Annoying sounds
- Easy Storyline


The Sims 2 expands to more platforms, releasing the first Sims game onto the DS. The game is not like most Sim games, as you have a goal to serve. You play a Sim, in which you create, that goes to Strangetown. You are asked to run a hotel that is closing. In other words, you have to clean it up and make it a nice place to stay.

When you first start out, you will notice this game is not like Sims 2 for the PC. You cannot marry, create houses, have children and many of the exciting features for a Sims game. Instead, you run a hotel in Strangetown. You can still customize your characte...


A big Disappointment


What can be said about the Sims in general? Possible, a small revolution of gaming itself. No other PC, or console game really gave players the freedom and choice that Sims did. Sure some before it came close, but no other Sim like game really got the full publicity and necessarity's that needed to be in a game like this, like the original Sims did. And now that we have the power of system such as the X-Box and ps2, we are introduced to games that once before; gamers only had PC's to rely on. Game play 8/10: Sims game play, if that's what you want to call it, is not at all hard or diffi...

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