The Sims 2 Cheats

The Solutions!
How to get a house:Talk to Bella Goth.Not social game!
Get a ride:Talk to Deputy Duncan.But you have to get him a donut first.
Get the donut:Intimidate Mambo Loa.I recommend you reach Friendship Level4(MAX) before intimidating her
cause when apologizing you have to pay money.If you reach max first,you don't have to pay.
Get rid of Dennis:Open Filter next to Hazel's Pool.[Mechanical 2 needed]
Doctor Dominion/Newlow's Hiding Place:
Last bookshelf on the left.
Free Roberta:Hack into Doctor Dominion's Computer.
Going to Deadtree:Go to the right lane.
Going back to where you started/Service Station:
The other lane.
The patents:
Beaker's Bedroom closet.[pick option Examine]
The Night Beast:
Build a Taser at a workbench and zap Annie Howell.
Virginya the Vamp.:
Talk to Mambo Loa and brew a Vampire cure potion.
Try making 2.
Beelzebeef:Make Cowpouuri,burn in censar,and do the final ritual:Beelzebeef!
Roberta's Parts;
Right Leg:Saloon
Left Leg:Kine Dairy
Left Arm:Old Library
Right Arm:Graveyard behind Meetinghouse.[take the amulet too!it's below the tombstone which give it to is second to the last.give to Annie and unlock master bedroom. Torso:Chest behind Pita Florica's shop beside the tree.
Seeds:Garlic-Mambo Loa.
Happy Berry-Hazel Dente.Give her five garlic cloves,roses,and gumflower petals.
Baby Tycho:Intimidate Vidcund,tell Pascal,hack into Grunt's computer,type into the keypad,take the alien's photo album from trunk behind the junk,and Tycho is in the left room(there is a secret in the ohter room).
Where to use or4ngut4n:Walk through the last door-it isn't locked.
Interface:You'll have to do that by yourself.
So far,those are the most of the problems.
Enjoy the Life!