The Sims 2 (PSP) Cheats

The Sims 2 cheats, Passwords, Tips, and Codes for PSP.


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In-game Passwords
well there is a in game cheat mode the password unlocks all the characters
PasswordWhat it does
L with R with squareit will show up next to your phone a purple heart hit curcle click right then pick your optition


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easy Friendship and romance (only a hint not a cheat)
first u need a lot of money to get a lots of money go to perks then hold L R and square to bring up a violet hearth then buy it its free after u buy it use it to get a lots of money like earn 1000 then go dead tree go to pita florica shop then buy a diamond ring for romance after u do that go to kine dairy to buy personalized cake for friendship give person four of this items like four cake and four diamond ring then u will be their friend this HINT really works and the only cheat in the game is the violet hearth and there is no other cheat trust me
Easy money
Build up your creativity, then paint and sell paintings. When your creativity is all the way up you will earn 500 simoleons for each painting.
Fast Money
Get a Painter's Easel, paint on it until you get max skill. Then you get 500 simoleons per painting and right when you start painting press triangle a couple times, you painting will be already done without wasting much sleep.


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Keep your money!
Entry Location:
curio shoppe

When you buy the house of bella goth do this to keep some of your money instead of giving it all away: Go to the cash register in curio shoppe and buy food intil you can not buy anymore. Then go buy the house of bella goth. Go back to the cash register and sell all your items in iventory you won't have as much money back but you will still have some.
Naked Sim
First you need to get a hot tub then when your getting in, turn off the PSP when you hear the swoosh sound, then turn it back on and the character should be naked. This works most of the time.

It works if you invite people in too
Painter's Easel!
You don't need to wait till you're sleepy-you can earn the money from painting quick!All you need is: Creativity[MAX]
you have to wait till your Sim puts up the blank thing.Then press triangle.Repeat if you wish!
Perk Cheat
In the Buy Perks screen in the info menu hold L + R + Square fro 30 seconds. A little heart will appear showing a Woo-Hoo icon, which is free. If you buy it you will get a money boost, add some skills, clean your urgencies and completely fill your Sanity level.
The Solutions!
How to get a house:Talk to Bella Goth.Not social game!
Get a ride:Talk to Deputy Duncan.But you have to get him a donut first.
Get the donut:Intimidate Mambo Loa.I recommend you reach Friendship Level4(MAX) before intimidating her
cause when apologizing you have to pay money.If you reach max first,you don't have to pay.
Get rid of Dennis:Open Filter next to Hazel's Pool.[Mechanical 2 needed]
Doctor Dominion/Newlow's Hiding Place:
Last bookshelf on the left.
Free Roberta:Hack into Doctor Dominion's Computer.
Going to Deadtree:Go to the right lane.
Going back to where you started/Service Station:
The other lane.
The patents:
Beaker's Bedroom closet.[pick option Examine]
The Night Beast:
Build a Taser at a workbench and zap Annie Howell.
Virginya the Vamp.:
Talk to Mambo Loa and brew a Vampire cure potion.
Try making 2.
Beelzebeef:Make Cowpouuri,burn in censar,and do the final ritual:Beelzebeef!
Roberta's Parts;
Right Leg:Saloon
Left Leg:Kine Dairy
Left Arm:Old Library
Right Arm:Graveyard behind Meetinghouse.[take the amulet too!it's below the tombstone which give it to is second to the last.give to Annie and unlock master bedroom. Torso:Chest behind Pita Florica's shop beside the tree.
Seeds:Garlic-Mambo Loa.
Happy Berry-Hazel Dente.Give her five garlic cloves,roses,and gumflower petals.
Baby Tycho:Intimidate Vidcund,tell Pascal,hack into Grunt's computer,type into the keypad,take the alien's photo album from trunk behind the junk,and Tycho is in the left room(there is a secret in the ohter room).
Where to use or4ngut4n:Walk through the last door-it isn't locked.
Interface:You'll have to do that by yourself.
So far,those are the most of the problems.
Enjoy the Life!