The Sims 2 Tips

How to make money without getting a job.
Okay, when you create your sim and fulfill their wants untill you get the 2000 simoleans, buy the electric guitar. If you have to buy a bed, buy a good single bed less than 500 simoleans. Make sure your sim is in a good mood. Get their creativity level up to 10 by playing the guitar every now and then. Anytime you get your sim in a good mood, I reccomend playing the guitar.
When you get their creativity level high enough, sell the guitar. If the guitar does not sell for at least 250 simoleans( It should at an original price of 1500 simoleans) you might have to get a one day job to make up for it.
Once you do, buy the Bonsai tree in "Buy Mode" under "Skill Building." If you have your creativity level at 10, select the tree and select "Prune." Press the R1 button to double the gameplay speed, and it should take no more than 4 seconds to prune the tree. Once you have pruned it, go to "Buy Mode" and selct the tree. Sell the tree and it should sell for 525 simoleans, for a profit of 275 simoleans.
I reccomend doing this one more time, and then using the profits to buy more and more until you are up to 30 trees at a time, and so on. If you sold 30 trees a day, at 525 simoleans, that would be a profit 8250 simoleans a day, and you could possibly do this multiple times a day.
I reccomend doing this until you have a large amount of simoleans, and then pursue your wants to unlock more objects. Just remember to keep your sims in a good mood every day to do this. I hope this helps. God Bless!!!!!!!