The Sims 2 Tips

Awesome and normal Recipes
Well, To be Honest, all the recipes are from different users, but i decided to get the good ones!!! I'll tell you all what i know, maybe i can make a second one,but if i have. By the way,you can find many death recipes so find them, here you go:

#1 Death: Cheese, Juice, Fauxlestra, Squid.
Active-at-work juice:Milk,Mangosteen + Blender
Active-at-work Raw:Avocado,Asparagus,white truffle,Mushroom.
Boost Meal: Oastrich,pork,strawberry, Wheat bread.
Marriage Fast-Food:Beef,white truffle,Lobster,Whole wheat flour.
Love Boost Meal: Passionfruit,Orange,milk,Lobster.
Panini:Llama,Beet,Oat Flour,Corn Oil.
#2 Death:Llama,beet,fauxlestra,squid.
Promo:Turkey,strawberry,milk,whole wheat flour.
Godlike Meal:Oastrich,Lettuce,Lemon,Broth.
#3 Death:Fauxlestra,Squid,Hailbut,Juice.
Ultimate Meal:Oastrich,Lettuce,Strawberry.

Thanks for Reading, I Hope your sim enjoys!!! Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope i find more,bye.