The Sims 2 Tips

A Killing Recipe That Works Everytime!
Ok so I recommend using this on free play, but you can use it on story mode if you want. If you use this on story mode,
then I suggest you use it on Felicity and Ossie’s house, because the other houses
are just pure perfection. If you still want to do this on story mode, get everyone out of the house, (including YOUR Sim) and make sure all the toilet and shower
are cleaned and all the beds are made and all the fridge is shut and the radio
is off as well as the tv.
Then use the cheat gnome to get money cheats and get a lot of money. Then just tear down the whole house. <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

Ok so if you’re doing this in free play mode, then I suggest you start with a new family, and a new house. You can have as many people as you want, but if you want only one
person in your family, then just build one house.

Okkkkk so your in story mode and you’ve torn down the house and all. Now build
TWO houses, one very big and nice if you like that because
now you have a lot of money thanks to the money cheat, and one very small and patheticish. You do this for free play
mode too. Make the first house all nice and then make the second house nice like
an outhouse. <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Group Kill: get your Sims that you want to die, (you, Felicity, Ossie, and/or other guests) to go into the house. The way you do this is by locking yourself in the big house, making a group meal, going out of the big house, locking it, and then going into your ugly house. (when I say locking, I just mean the buying and selling of a cheap door once you get in and out of the house) Then set the food down on the floor or something and watch all the Sims pile in. That’s the reason why you make the food, so the Sims are attracted because they can’t get into the big house. Then you can exit the room, or stay in there if you too wanna die, then go into start, buy 5 stoves and two fireplaces. Make sure you have a smoke alarm or two in your other house in case the plan backfires. Then take the door out of the crappy house and get out of start. Turn on the fireplaces and BOOM there’s fire works EVERYWHERE!!! Hahahahaha jk you’ll all burn up and rot in hell. No no no jk you’ll just burn up and ya be ghosts lol.

Single Kill: Build a wall around the Sims you want to kill. Let the magic
happen, simple as that.

If you really wanna be theatrical make the crap house look like a prisoners cell and dress them up in prison like clothes.

And that’s how you kill Sims. I suggest that you let your Sims that are going to live carry on by themselves by pressing the “select” button on your controller. Then a green
thingy will appear and you can go watch your
prisoners die without having to worry about your other Sims.