The Sims 2 Tips

A Tip From Tint.
Having trouble? Is your fridge burning down with your cooker? too many fires? no money? well Tints here to help!

1) NEVER put a fridge and cooker side by side in ANY kitchen. and make sure you have a smoke alarm especially if its a heavy duty kitchen. (e.g loads of binging sims)

2) Have more than one Phone. because sometimes when the phone rings you can't acsess a phone in time, and also because if there was a fire or a burgular in your house you don't wanna get caught. so keep at least one phone in every room (it is not advised to be put in a bedroom as it will wake your sims)

3) Fire code warning? well are there any BIG items that you never use or small ones that you don't need? sell em, you get money AND the bar goes down super fast! try and avoid bunging up every corner. Sims, like us, enjoy space, its also hard to see the game through big objects too.

4) short on skills? need that promo but need a skill but the carpools already outside? then forget about work for that day! unless you already skipped the day off before. you wont get fired on a single day its every 2 days ya have off. everyone needs a break every now and again.

5) Your house is a mess, the maids too much money and probably wont clean it all anyway? do it yourself! i'd advies you to get the 'Vaccum' in the appliance catalog. you need to unlock it, either by cheats or by hard work. then simply put it on and take it for a run round the house. it saves time and its awesome walking around with it on your back!

tight on the money isn't fun at all. (those who aren't cheaters will understand) the bills come tumbling in and you aint got the dosh. DON'T WORRY! make sure you always have $1,000 or more! if you die thats already $100 to start with + all the bills and repairs. it does cost money to even buy food! running a house aint free ya know.

7) Pesky neighbours getting greeted by your other sims?
Kick em out when ever they first get greeted, theres nothing more annoying than an uninvited guest. or you could simply look for a guest killing method. that'd show em!

8) when starting the Game (story mode more than free play) boost your skills as high as it can go! you don't need to rush and because the first part of the game is easy just grab a book and go go go! the quicker your skills are at 10 the better. cause soon you'll be told to boost your skills when your person is so depressed it wont even pick up a plate.

9) Trusty house Trashers
did you make a sloppy sim? never cleans up? can't make friends with anyone? feel like shooting them in the head?
get em in a hot tub or a swing and get high friendship. thats the friends solved.
now the cleaning stuff? well, boost (if you can) their cleaning skills. if in story mode and you cant controll them lock em in a room with nothing but trash and the will be FORCED to clean it up. if in freeplay then just boost up their skills of cleaning. then they should worry more about cleaning.

thats all i got for now! maybe i'll make a second one....