The Sims 2 Tips

Tips for Newbies
If you are a newbie and need help then read this.

First if you are playing freeplay mode then you need a make your sim first. If you are geeting married then put the boy are girl in your family so they will be easyier to get married to. Now you need to make your house. If you need money the use a cheat code.Here are some.

R1 L1 R2 Right Left Give Money (9,999)
L1 R1 Up X R2 Unlock Gnome (enter first)
Up,Circle,Up,Right,L2 Fill All Motives
R2 Square Up Down Right X Unlock All Recipes
Square R2 Down Right Square Unlock All Clothing
L2 Circle Down Left Up Unlock all Objects

Now that you have money, It\'s time to build your house. If you read your guide then you know how to make a house if you didnt then oh well.

You will need a nice house with a lot of room depending on how many sims are living there. 1-2 sims =a small house. 3-4 = a big house.
Once you made your house make a few freinds and get maried. To get married give the sim food, talk with them and eventally, the sim with fall in love with you and then propose once your realsionship is at 100. They should say yes.

Now you will have to get a job. The lawyer job pays the most but you have to get sevral promotions. Getting a job is all up to you, but it is the most common way of earning money.

You need to figure out every thing else on your own now. Hope That Helps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!