The Sims 2 Cheats

Set A Skill Level
you need to goto the main screen and then click wether you prefer free play or story. It should then come up as load saved game or start new this is were you type in L1,R1, up, X, R2 you should here a women sigh. you then go into the load game. got the family you want and enter into their house.
Near the letterbox there should be a little trophy with a sims diamond on top. You then need to find someone and while *talking* you enter any cheat codes. After your done talking got the trophy and click on it all the cheats codes you have entered should be there...
I am 100% positive that this works I must say the best cheat to use is the fill motives. This cheat makes your sims need go up so i use this cheat alot.
ps. you need to type this cheat in for all the cheats at the begining of each time you play.