The Sims 2 Tips

Fireplace trick
Aside from the fact that you can kill your guests by using the genie lamp, you could also try using the fireplace. firstly, go to build catalog and then buy a fireplace. After you've done that, you now have to go to the buy catalog and buy a rug.Secondly now that you have both the fireplace and the rug, you must now call and throw out a burning party by using your phone. When your party guests comes, you must gather them in a small room, then move your fireplace with the rug in the same room too. While doing this you must save first your file so that if you made a mistake you can do it again. Now that you already have all or most of your party guests inside locked up in that room, where your fireplace and the rug is placed, you must go inside too and try to push them nearer in the fireplace so that when you tried your evil plan you wont miss any of them. Light up your fireplace with the rug full of people over it and wait about 10-15 seconds. You will notice that a fire comes out burning the rug with the people over it. Once you have seen this, it means that your plan is now working and any moment by now, your guests will soon die and will be placed in a urn vase, as a sign that they already died. Then walahh!!! you got yourself a perfect garden of tombstones(urn vases as they are still inside the house however if you move them outside your house they will become tombstones)and you have achieved what you wanted.The purpose of this is when you kill people not only your exploring new things in this game but you get a chance to experience what it is like to meet a ghost. I HOPE I HELPED YOU A BIT!!!