The Sims 2 Glitches

"Milking gourds" glitch
WARNING: Saving at Step 4 while you're doing this glitch is not recommended, if you do save during your attempt, you will not be able to access your inventory when you load the file you saved to. It is completely safe to save after the glitch has been completed. You have been warned.

I would recommend selling all of your collectible items (license plates, gourds, etc.) before attempting this glitch. It requires the Metal Detector, and the Government Lab.

Step 1
Gather 2 items in your inventory. It does not matter exactly which items, so use whatever you want.

Step 2
Go get 2 mummified aliens from the Desert. They must be after the two items you collected in step 1, otherwise this will not work.

Step 3
Head on over to the Government Lab. Select to do an Alien Autopsy, then hit B. A single alien should be removed from your inventory. Do another autopsy, then hit B. You should be able to do it again after you have no aliens left in your inventory. Do it 4 more times after the aliens are gone.

Step 4
At this point, attempting to give an item, buy something from a store, or moving items will result in your game freezing. Head on over to the cow field, and milk both the cows.

Step 5
The glitch has been completed and you should now have 69 fuel rods and gourds. It is completely safe to go about normally. Picking up (emphasis on picking up, buy 2 of the same item before hand and place them somewhere) different items gives you different amounts of fuel rods and gourds, such as a black porcelain sink giving you 249 fuel rods and gourds! Feel free to experiment!