The Sims 2 Tips

Glitches,,Hints,,Tips and Fun,Fun,FUN!
What I find difficult on Sims is that earning money is really hard, so my little tip is... I really wanted to make my Hotel Rooms to look nice with decors and stuff but I only had 19,000 so I went to the casino and played Keelhavlin. (You get like loads if you win, and you get more in the hotseat)I earned 21,00!! So I really think you should try that out plus it's much easier when your friends 'stack the deck'. Also I go what I like to call 'treasure hunting' in the Desert with my Metal Detector. You get loads especially if you find Mummified Aliens so I hunt near the spaceship and the Oasis. Also my fave glitch is 'Chocolate cow'. All's you need to do is by a chocolate bar (You can buy them from the Sax or Lion Lounge) and give it to the Cow as a gift then they turn brown. Next you milk them and you have Chocolate Milk! Also if you are on the goal 'Find mechanical 5, break into the penthouse and steal the blueprints' Emperor Xizzle is always in your Lobby so, when someone else is in your lobby and you want to cheer them up click 'Cheer up' then they will ask you to console, talk or hug them but if Xizzle is near he will 'ZAP' the person your cheering up so they will walk of but your still actually consoling them so if they ask you to hug them you'll be hugging thin air! Really funny! Also it's not cool when you have time traveled so if you want to get to a certain date what you've been past, skip a year! You might end up with a dirty hotel, bills,checked out customers and reposed items so I advise before you do this you have like 20,00! <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> Also keep checking up on your guests because if you have an angry one he/she could trash something in their room so I would keep an eye on 'em! If you have the Bovine Shrine make sure you feed the Egyptian God or Horus' life will fade! Btw it needs 10 Gourds. If you want to be best friends with another Sim simply make them angry and calm them down! (It's much quicker than impressing) You can make them angry by squirting water at them with your 'Water Gun'! A little hint for you!,, when there is an alien invasion only ratang Xizzle first because if his minions are still there he will e with them all the time so there wil be no point! Thank-you for reading (If you have!) I will be hoping to post on here soon byeeeeeeee! <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />