The Sims 2 Tips

Everything I Know!
Okay, I know I'm boasting here but I'm a game master for this game! I have ยง584.419 and it goes up a lot!

Ways To Earn Cash

1. Collect fuel rods and sell them at the Clerk in the City Hall.
2. Collect strange gourds and sell them to the Saloon Chick in the Saloon.
3. Go item hunting in the desert using the metal detector. Process metal bars in the Vault. Sell everything else in the Store. Don't do Alien Autopsy because you get more moeny from selling Mummified Aliens in the Store.
4. Check in guests and keep them happy or romancy 'til the end. If you personally check Sims out, you might get extra money (works for 'Fortune' inspiration).
5. Stand around in the Hotel Lobby (you need 1+ Sims in the room) and Sims will buy brochures and it will get you some money!
6. Make sure you have the Art Gallery. Select 'Paint' on easels but don't paint anything and select the 'X' in the top-right corner. Sims will be able to buy paintings once you exit the Art Gallery.
7. Restrain/calm down/cheer up Sims. You get gourds/cash/fuel rods for it!
8. Find liecence plates and sell them in the Jail.
9. Alien Spaceship Parts can be sold in the Store (use metal detector to find the parts).
10. Mix music in the Sax Lounge or Lion Lounge.
11. Do money things in the Snake-Eyes Casino.

Licence Plates I Can Remember

9:00am Desert
10:00am Freezer
10:00pm Asian Emporium

Sim Info

Emperor Xizzle
Status: BEHLOD! Alien Emperor Xizzle the Feared! The Reviled! The UNINTELLIGIBLE.
Secret: Classified

Ara Fusilli
Status: Ara is the smart, sassy, and terminally bored daughter of Frankie Fusilli.
Secret: Always knows which way is North.

Auda Sherif
Status: This big-budget action film star put the 'Oo!' in boom!
Secret: Has degrees in Astrophysics and Gravimetrics; doesn't remember a thing.

Ava Cadavra
Status: Ex-drummer for the band The Germinators, Ava now spends most of her time brooding.
Secret: Used to be a ballerina.

Status: For decades people assumed Bigfoot was a mere creature of rumor and imagination.
Secret: Would prefer to go by the name Stu, but no one seems to care.

Frankie Fusilli
Status: Frankie Fusilli runs this town, understand? Don't cross him or you'll be rubbed out.
Secret: Prefers Thai food to Italian.

Dusty Hogg
Status: Dusty has a mean streak much longer than his patience.
Secret: Believes the fewer wheels on the vehicle, the bigger the man; wants a unicycle.

Giuseppi Mezzoalto
Status: Since moving here from SimValley, Giuseppi has gone from criminal to "shady guy".
Secret: Was replaced by a robot in the last game.

Kayleigh Wintercrest
Status: Intelligent and enigmatic... many have tried to woo this brilliant scientist. All have failed.
Secret: Only has four toes on her right foot as a result of a karate accident.

Luthor L. Bigbucks
Status: Luthor is the handsome, arrogant son of Mr. Bigbucks. Easy to hate, but impossible to ignore.
Secret: Was actually kicked out of his father's house for being frugal with his money.

Misty Waters
Status: Lifeguard turned successful fitness guru, Misty is in Strangetown to live large.
Secret: Has an evil - or let's say devious - twin named Murky.

Lord Mole
Status: Ruler of the subterranean race of mole people, he is a feisty lad with utopian dreams.
Secret: Is afraid of the dark.

Horus Menhoset IX
Status: Son of Horus Hipsomet the 4th, grandson of Horus Palimpsest the Plinth.
Secret: Has established a profitable online gift-wrapping service.

Optimum Alfred
Status: A robot A.I. proved so sophisticated he wass nearly elected governer.
Secret: Actually loathes other machines. He wants to be a biologist.

Penelope Redd
Status: Penelope was sent here by the FBI to investigate a matter of urgent import.
Secret: Her boss at the FBI hasn't actually told her why she is in Strangetown.

Pepper Pete
Status: Pete is in town searching for a few good oarsmen to join him on his fool's errand.
Secret: Hates the taste of pepper; prefers garlic.

Kent Hackett
Status: Once the star of a sci-fi TV program, Kent now basks in his cult status as an old dork.
Secret: Has regularly watched re-runs of "Chaz Dastard's Intergalactic Star Safari" for 12 years.

Sancho Paco Panza
Status: Sancho earned his masters in Zoology two years ago. Now he just hangs out.
Secret: Is dangerously allergic to horses.

Tank Grunt
Status: Tank injured his funny bone in combat. This left him permanently without a sense of irony.
Secret: Camouflage pattern is actually tattooed on his face.

Mamma Hogg
The only woman tough enough to keep Dusty in line - his mother.
Secret: Has her hot curlers plugged into a mini-fusion reactor at home.

Honest Jackson
Status: Mayor Jackson rose to prominence after beating Andy Scandal in the race for mayor.
Secret: Has an idea for a romance novel set in ancient Egypt (and has written 7 pages).

Jebediah S. Jerky
Status: Jeb wants to revive his old farm, but he can't remember what he used to grow.
Secret: Is a real-estate tycoon with several homes in other countries.

Tristan Legend
Status: More handsome, witty, and talented than anyone on earth. And he cooks!
Secret: Composed a symphony in his head at age 6 while climbing mount Everest.

How To Get MooGoo Monket Cards In The Casino

I've heard somewhere there is a certain day when the Concierge rings up and says 'It's monkey day! Play MooGoo Monkey in the Casino!'. I've also heard you need the GBA game to get it. I'm not sure which rumor is right!

Where To Find Fuel Rods/Strange Gourds

1. The empty space to the left of the hotel in the Town.
2. Come through the main entrance of the hotel (leading to Town) and there is a fuel rod/gourd straight ahead on some grass area.
3. To the right of the Saloon (in Town).
4. Two in the Cow Field.
5. Two in the little space inbetween the desert entrance and the side of the Cow Field.
6. One to the left of the Jail (in Town).
7. On to the right of the main steps in the Basement.
8. Maximum of five fuel rods/gourds in Atrium.
9. Approximately a maximum of 12 fuel rods/gourds in the desert.

If I get more, I'll let you know!