The Sims 2 Tips

How to get 51.000 Simelons in 1 DAY!!
Follow these EASY steps to have a fortune.
1.)Find all the Nuclear Fuel Rods you can find(eventually you find more.I have 102!)
2.)Charge your detector(If you have it yet -.-)and add another fuel rod.
3.)Go into the desert and go all over the place.Here are some things I found in the desert:Gold Bars(worth 2.400 simelons,Copper Bars(worth 200 simelons),Silver Bars (worth 400 simelons)Spaceship parts(worth 400 simelons-just sell them to the kid that runs the shop!),Lead Rocks(worth 50 simelons-just throw them away,they're useless!),Nuclear Fuel Rods, a Sarcophagus(can only be found once in the back of the oasis when Horus tells you to find it),and sometimes even Mummified alien(worth 300 simelons if not dissected!). The kid who runs the shop takes half of what the price is,just to let you know.
4.)continue this for a long time,and even pick some fuel rods up while your at it.Pretty soon you'll be saying hello to Al Gore!!