The Sims 2 Tips

Missing Item Locations
There are only 3 places to find peoples missing items.

1.The Desert-This is the most common place to find people's missing items. When you enter the desert, you will most likely see it in the back area, close to the Toxic Waste Lake. It will be next to some rocks, halfway up a large sand dune.

2.The Alleyway-This is a semi-rare place to find missing items. If you exit the hotel lobby via the front door, walk to the store, but don't go in. Rotate your camera so that your Sim is facing to the LEFT of your top screen. You will see a pathway that leads to the back entrance of the atrium. the missing item will be towards the middle of the path before you walk around the corner.

3. The Cow Lot- A rare place. The only things I've found were mostly gourds, nuclear fuel rods, skill points, and license plates.