The Sims 2 Glitches

COOL STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Once you finish the game, wait a while, go round getting skill points, then a few ekks later go to the control panel in the managers suite and look at every option, stay on there for a few minutes, then once you com of it might say that you have a new outfit. Go to the dresser, and there is ava's outfit, and HAIR!!! its the bob with frindge, but its black and purple, and its the only hair you can have while your in her clothes, it looks really wierd when you hug her though! I'm not sure if you have to finish the game, but that was how I got it.

Once you finish the game, aliens become scared of ratacus, (you in the rat suit) You can attack them like goons, and they go to jail!!!!

In the deluxe guest room, go to the bathroom bit, and up onto the platform bit. Then, go to the edge the edge, by the wall, it looks like a mini catwalk, and walk off it, you will float in midair for a few seconds!

4. DO WHAT I DID, IF YOUR NUTS <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Finish the game, get LOADS OF MONEY! Then chuck everyone out of your hotel and decorate the rooms as if it were a mansion, e.g I made the managers suite a games arcade, the jungle room full of animals, jackalope, fish e.c.t, the deluxe room full of paintings,and sculptures the mod room is a café, the small room is my cinema/guest room (see note), the penthouse is full of my other cool stuff, like the mod bed, and its also my spa! It takes a lot of work, I had to keep time travelling, but that was also good for getting extra cash <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> Its really fun, especially if you check someone into a room, then they get soooo mad, lol.
You will need to have been playing for a long time to get all the special items like mod bed, also you will need tons of money, so I suggest putting the bare essentials in the small room and renting it out, so you get money, AND you have somewhere to sleep, eat for free e.c.t And maybe move your cinema elsewhere...