The Sims 2 Tips

Something to do while your bored.
When your bored on sims 2 ds here's a guide on what to do...
1) Cheer up, calm down, restrain people.
2) Clean up WITHOUT the maid.
3) PAY YOUR BILLS!!! (if you still get any)
4) Go metal detector hunting, find mummified aliens and play alien autopsy, find gold, copper or silver bars, go in the vault and convert them, or just simply find a chest when your friends tell you to!!
5) Search for gourds, or nuclear rods and sell them! You never no!
6) Go house hunting! Whether your greedy or not, this may work. If you don't like the house that was firstly given to you, take the furniture out of there and then put it in another house you purchased!
7) Make some music!
8) Pretend it's real life! Get in your pjs, go to sleep, wake up, go to the toilet in your long pjs, have some breakfast in the fridge or go to a B & B like the sax lounge, IN YOUR PJS, and after, have a shower and get dressed. Change your hairstyle everyday and your clothes! Certains boys/girls like changes!.
9) See what's in the shop!
10) Convince bigfoot to come out of his old house.
11) Earn money.
12) Go to the casino, play Keehaling Cards. (LOOK OUT FOR STACKED DECKS OR DOUBLE MONEY!!)
13) And listen to good people like me giving you cheats.
14) Look for licence plates.
15) And look for skill points!

There you go! 15 things to do when your bored! I hope I helped! I have completed the whole game and have every single building, if you need tips or cheats, ASK ME!!