The Sims 2 Glitches

Well here are the steps to a funny glitch (YOU WONT GET BUSTED!!!!!!!) its all free$$$


1. set your date to 1/1/2091

2. go on The Sims 2 NDS

3. make sure you have atleast 1 licence plate - if not - change ur date back to normal and find a licence plate and do this again.

4. sell your license plate

5. tip 1 cow, then go to another cow and milk it.

6. spray the bull with water.

7. (sometimes the bull starts running ONLY SOMETIMES if it does then run into the hotel if it doesnt just take your time to the hotel LOL)

8. get into ur rat costume and go to the vault to see....

9. to seeeeeeeeeeeeeee............

10. $100 000 000 FOR FREE!!!

you wont get busted coz ur in ur rat costume but it only works if u do my 10 steps %100..................... if u dont wear ur rat costume ull go to jail and ull have to pay $2 500 for bail yourself. SO BE CAREFUL

lol my tips are try it on a friends profile on your ds game . LOL . or you can make a new profile and do it really well to get 1 licence plate and the rat costume then do it. bahahahaha... okay cya

email me = <a href="" target="_blank"></a> if u do it %100 and it doesnt work.. BUT IT WILL WORK LEMME TELL YA

ok cya