The Sims 2 Glitches

Don't Worry!
In the Saloon rooms, Jebidiah's room, sometimes there is a hold you fall into, right by his little side table, you just walk up to it and fall in sometimes, if you have not saved lately, and you don't want to loose your progress, this is what you do.

You just stand in the hole and wait until your sim needs food, sleep, bathroom or shower, wait, and you will be put in jail. Then you are out of the hole!

The get Lord Mole to stop chewing on the sattalite, all you do is spray him with your Super Drencher. He stops and gives up.

You can also make Chocolate Milk/Milkshakes! Just give the cow chocolate as a gift, (you can buy it at the Lion Lounge or the Sax Lounge) then milk them or tip them and milk them to get a milkshake, and wala, it's chocolate!

Hope that helps!