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The Sims 2 Tips

Even more cheats and tips from theslayer360
Another location for goons:

You know that goons appear in basment, sundeck, atrium and town. Well they can also appear in the lobby sometimes!


Milk a cow for milk. Tip, then milk for Vanilla Milkshake. Give it chocolate and milk for choc milk, and give choc, tip & milk for choc milkshake!

Moogoo Monkey Cards:

I can't remember the day, but on a certain day, Concierge rings you to say 'it's monkey day! come play moogoo monkey at casino!'. At the red stand, a man will be there. Talk to him to play the one-day-a-year only game: Moogoo Monkey Cards!

Keelhaulin: Stacking the deck:

If you are told that 'the casino is dealing a stacked deck, yeah, they stacked the deck', go to casino. Play Keelhaulin, to get the hand; Skull,Skull,Skull,Skull,Girl,Girl,Skull,Girl! When you draw a card, discard it staraighy away. On your next go, another girl is in discard pile. Get it, then play all your cards. Your prize money is DOUBLED!

Masterpiece Artist? NO!:

There are two ways to scam people with false art:
1) Select a canvas, but then cross it off without doing anything! It will most likely be Magnum Opus (the best art)
2) If you have low creativity, your Garbage paintings will be worth over 1000, but your Masterpieces will be 500-1000. SCAM ARTIST!


Before you meet Frankie Fussili, you can only rent small room to people. When he comes, you automaticly check him into penthouse. As soon as he goes, Ava moves in. Then Alfred. All 3 of them are BIG EVIL. Once you crush alfred, you can check anyone into the Penthouse!

No more Mayor

When Ava moves in, you ring the mayor, and he says he is in hall. He aint, he left forever. Dunno why

Names of robots

This aint really a cheat. Thought you'd like to know. They're in order of appearence:

White Robot (his picture is alfreds): PAL 8000
Blue Robot: BAM 7000
Green Robot: POW 6000
Red Robot: EEP 5000

Robot Invasion/Optimum Alfred glitch

If robots invade, and alfred is in the same place as invading robots, Alfred changes to the same clour as PAL 8000, the one with alfreds picture. Alred won't be evil though

Goon Glitch- The Darkness

Don't, whatever you do, impress/cheer up/calm down/restrain/romance a Sim when a goon/robot/alien is near. They'll still send you to manager suite. Then the hotel is all dark. Check furnace: it full. The only thing to lighten the place is to stop the invasion and finish what you were doing to that same Sim earlier.

Vermin taken care of:

If a guest complains about mice, call the maid. Over and done with

Here comes the Money:

if a guest loses an item, collect it, and SELL IT. Then leave and enter. It'll reappear. Take it, sell it. It must leave your pockets to reappear.
Once the goal ends, it will stop appearing. Quick cash

plug in your charger and wait in the lobby. People will keep buying brochures. You must restock it every so often, and keep your sanity going. Wait. I did it for an hour and earned about 2500!

Tasks which have to be done for a certain time (Clean up the mice, Stop the aliens, Find Misty Waters' missing phone, Bring food to Pepper Pete blah blah blah) will reward you with money if completed. The faster you do it, the more money you will get.

Mix music, but dont do anything. Leave it, and guests will tip you

Stay in the lobby until the Check Out option appears on guets and they'll tip you

sell paintings

Sell gourds, fuel rods, ship parts and plates

examine mummified aliens in lab

I hope all of my cheats and tips i've posted have helped you
bye! :-)