: : : Simulation : Life : : : THIS IS A MUST READ! LOTS OF TIPS AND CHEATS!

The Sims 2 Tips

Defeating Optimum Alfred

Once you crush the antenna, speak to Emperor Xizzle. He tells you to CRUSH HIM. Change into the Ratticator, and go into the basement. Go inside the freezer by taking th first left into the small door. Punch the bag til your sanity is full. Then purchase food rom Lion Lounge, Sax Lounge or Asian Emporiam. Go to the Sundeck, and Alfred is at the other side. Attack him like you do with robots/aliens/goons, and he flies away. Destroy his other robots, and he comes back. Repeat to defeat him. This is the last proper mission. Press b to stop credits.

How to stop baddies

The baddies which come can be in the basement (by the secret warhouse/goverment lab, by the Vault or by the Rat Cave/Freezer.) in the Atrium (by the rooms or at the fountain) on the Sundeck, or in the Town Square (at the back o the cow field, near the field next to Desert Entrance or in the square in the center, near the place you exit the hotel, shop, hall or saloon). To stop Aliens, use the Rat or the Water Cannon (If they catch you without rat suit they abduct you and you walk funny, but i they catch you with the suit, they teleport away. Leave, then enter again for them to return). To halt Robots, use the rat suit. They dont run away, the punch you with some of your sanity. To stop Crime Spree Bob and lackeys/Jimmy the Neck and friends, use rat suit. They WILL run away.

Change clothes and others

Buy the wardrobe to change your clothes, buy mirror to change hair (you can't change facial hair)


After the credits, check your Stat Panel. Exit, and girls will unlock Mama Hogs outit, and boys will unlock Jeb.S.Jerky's costume. Now credits music will appera n music panels/sterios. It's a sort of rap with all the SFC's in it like the metal detector

Combat Mode

Collect half the License Plates to unlock the Combat Mode music

Rat Cave for Free

Don't buy the Rat Cave straight away. Wait til Alfred goes to penthouse, then Tristan will give it to you for FREE!

Rat music

If you are the Rat man and change music, the music Rat Cave will appear on the bottom until you change back

Being Rat Man

As the Ratticator, press the top button when it flashes, then scroll the middle button left and right when it flashes. When the last button flashes, press it to send the alien.goon.robot to JAIL. You WILL NOT carry your cellphone as Rat, so check your goals every so often

Aliens kidnap

If aliens kidnap a friend, they are in the Desert by the UFO

Goons kidnap

If Jimmy the Neck kidnaps someone, they are at the furnace. Save money, as you DON'T have to pay him. Just send him to jail with your Rat Suit

Time Travel

If you travel forwards, you might have guests check out, have bills to pay, have items repossed and so on. But DON'T travel backwards. Concierge yells at you, and aliens attack BIG TIME. Theres a group in the town, in the basement and on sundeck. You'll walk stupid for AGES

Walk normal

If you get abducted, just wield your Water Pistol to run norrmally again

Crime Spree Bob/Jimmy the Neck

Stand in front of them with rat, they run off. Without, they send you to Managers Room. If you take ages in jailing them, they get their lackeys to help them. If you fail, Jimmy the Neck will steal some of your cash, and Crime Spree Bob will pilfer the power supply