The Sims 2 Tips

More tips from Slayer360!
Metal Detector: Cash!

When your detector beeps, pull the lever until an outline of the object appears. If it is a bumpy circle, its a lead rock DON'T PICK THESE UP! They are useless and it's a waste of charge. If you find bars, don't sell them to the store. Use the money machine in the Vault, and select the 'Process Bars' option, to make your bars into money:
Copper: Very easy to find, but not worth much
Silver: Uncommon. They are worth a reasonable amount
Gold: Very rare. Consider yourself lucky i you find one they get you loads. When fussili gets you to get him metal and you find a gold bar, get another on and process the gold yourself

Vaccuming: Cash!

If someone drops a bag of stuff, they'll appear in dust piles around the Hotel. If it is worth money, it's a good way to earn cash (Gold Teeth are worth 75$ each. Gold Doublons, however. One is woth 250$!)

The True Location of Ava Cadavra

When Ava Cadavra is a Penthouse guest, if you ring her she says she is in the Penthouse. Don't go looking for her in there. She is really in the Bovine Shrine, and she has Ara Fussili, Auda Sherif and Sancho Paco Panza mesmorized. You can't interacat with them

Ava Cadavra vs. Horus Menhoset IX

When you can't get missions from Ava, simply enter the town for a Mystery Person to tell you to find a pyramid in desert at NIGHT. Examine it, and the caller; a mummy called Horus Menhoset IX comes out. He explains that Ava is evil. He tells you to dig up the Sarcophagus at the Desert Oasis at DAY. Put it in ur room, he comes out.

The Branding Iron and the Other use for Gourds

When Horus needs iron, find Jeb Jerky, and he says it is in the Jail. Get it and bring it to him. Then destroy the Prime Heifer (shrine statue). It is replaced by a Mummy Statue. You will find the 'other use for gourds'; feeding them to the statue. If you don't, Horus will be in trance, which mesmorises people near him
Statue maximum gourd amount: Ten


If someone is in the mood for romance, they will get a new relationship with you. In order from worst to best, here they are:

Soul Mate

Free money from Frankie Fussili

When Frankie Fussili tells you he stashed his cash in the Vault and says you can't take any, he is telling PORKIES. An option next to the money sacks is Take 100$. You can do it once, and only once.

Rich Rat

As the Rat Man, you can print as much cash as you want, and noone will arrest you.

Emperor Xizzle in Two places at Once?

On the missions when Emperor Xizzle is in the lobby, then aliens strike, he will be in the lobby AND in somewhere else at the same time

Tristan got cloned

If Tristan is building a room, and you ring him, he sometimes says he is in the Room Being Built, sometimes he says in the saloon or the basement or elsewhere. In truth where is he? Thats right, BOTH


Party: You earn twice as much sanity from objects! Restrain LOOPY sims to increase sanity level

Fortune (mine!): You earn additional money from guests! Calm down ANGRY sims to increase your sanity level

Romance: Other sims will be in the mood for romance more often! Romance ROMANTIC sims to increse sanity level

Popularity (my bro's, i think thats what its called): You improve your relationship with other Sims faster! Cheer up SAD sims to increase sanity level

For fortune sims

squirt water at sims to anger them, calm them down to add to sanity