The Sims 2 Tips

Character SECRETS.....
Everybody in the game has a secret , except for the sheriff for the jail , and the registry guy , and Zoltron the fortune guy in the secret warehouse.... I'll cut you some slack and tell you the secrets of people that i found out .........

Ara Fusilli - Always knows which way is north because as a child ara got shocked by a fence or object.

Auda Sherif - Has degrees in astrophysics and gravimetrics; doesnt remember a thing.

Bigfoot - would prefer to call by his name stu , but no one seems to care.

Frankie Fusilli - prefers thai food to italian.

Giuiseppi Mezzoalto - Was replaced by a robot in the last game.

Luther L. Bigbucks - Was actually kicked out of his fathers house for being frugal with his money.

Kent hackett - He regualy watched reruns of '' chaz dastard's intergalatic star safari for 12 years.

sanch paco panzo- is dangerously allergic to horses.

Tristan legend - composed a symphony when he was 6 while climbing mount everest.