The Sims 2 Tips

Sims Secrets.
Here are some of the Sims secrets.

Ara Fusilli-
Always know witch way is North.
(she got electrecuted when she was younger)

Auda Sherif-
Has degrees in Astrophysics and Gravmetrics;
Doesnt Remember.

Dusty Hogg -
Belives the Fewer wheels on the vehicle the bigger the man ;
Wants a Unicycle.

Giuseppi Mezzoalto -
Was replaced by A robot in the last game.

Kayleigh Wintercrest-
Has Only four toes on her right foot in the result of Karate accident.

Luther L. Bigbucks-
Was acctually kicked out of his fathers house for being frugal with his money.

Pepper Pete -
Hates the taste of pepper ;
Prefers garlic.

Kent Hackett -
Has regularly watched re-runs of "Chaz Dastards Inergalactic Satr Safari" for 12 years.

Sancho Paco Panza-
Is dangerously allergic to horses.

Tank Grunt-
Camouflage pattern is actually tatooed to his face.

Mamma Hogg -
Has her Hot-curlers plugged into a mini-fusion reactor at home.

Jebediah S. Jerky -
Is a real-estate Tycoon with several homes in otther countries.

Tristan Legend -
Composed a Symphony in his head at age 6 while climbing mount everest.

Right now thats all I have!