The Sims 2 Cheats

How to get a boyfriend/girlfriend.
Have you noticed on Sims2 you have different coloured things on your hand? Lets find out...

Follow these steps to get a boyfriend/Girlfriend.
(My husband is Sancho Paco Panza)

1) Find out the person you love's, secret.

2) Phone them up everyday to see how they are.

3) Always cheer them up/Calm down and whatever.

4) When you phone them up, if they say "I am in the mood and i'm at..." that means they want romance!

5) If they're somewhere boring, like the basement or something, don't go.

6) If they're somewhere good like they night club or something, get your best outfit on and go there.

7) You can get married aswell! If they ask you to their room and they're "In the mood" That means they're going to propose to you. After you have romance, you'll notice you have a coloured thing on your hand. It's a ring!

8) Have a kid! Choose a person you want to be your daughter/son. And find out their secret.
PS: If your a boy you must have a son, so you can't have romance with them. Haha. Same for the girls.

9) Enjoy your romantic life, look after your kids, and have dates!

from Jemma.