The Sims 2 Cheats

This tip is an easy step-by-step way of earning thousands of simoelans. By doin this I made $50,000(not a typo) in just 2 days.

First you need to have the art gallery open. When you can enter it, go to one of the blank canvases and click paint. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAINT ANYTHING!!!. When you have clicked paint then straight away click on the red cross on the top right of the bottom screen and press the tick. At the top of the bottom screen it will read, 'Interact: Painting (Garbage/respectable/masterpice/magnum opus)'. Carry on with this process until it reads , 'Interact:Painting (Magnum Opus)'. Do this with all of the blank canvases. Then leave the art gallery and head to the basement.

This is the main part of the tip.

PLEASE NOTE: If your sanity level is red then you might have to take a shorter route in the desert but to gain a green sanity bar does not take very long (just spray people with a water gun and calm then down)
PLEASE NOTE: This part requires you to collect fuel rod/gourd and when I say there is one, I mean that there might be one so do not panick if it is not and DO NOT FORGET TO PICK UP ALL OF THE FUEL RODS/GOURDS

Head to the basement and go into the freezer to punch the meat until your sanity is as full as possible.Go back out of the freezer and head towards the stairs that lead back up to the main lobby. To the right of the stairs is a fuel rod/gourd. Head up the stairs back into the main lobby. Turn left into the atrium. Look towards the spa and gym (right) and there is a yellow/orange triangle on the floor in between the sax lounge and the spa and gym. There is a fuel rod/gourd on this yellow/orange triangle. Head back to where you came into the atrium and head over the bridge. Look around the fountain to find fuel rods/gourds and pick them all up. Walk over the other birdge and turn left. There is another fuel rod/gourd on the nearest yellow/orange triangle inbetween the sushi place and the exit round the back of the hotel. Go out of this exit and turn right. There is a fuel rod/gourd there. Then turn left and there is another fuel rod/gourd. Turn left again and go through the small gap inbetween the side of the hotle and the low wall with the hedge on top. Turn dirctly right and there is another fuel rod/gourd by the cactus. Turn around and there is another fuel rod/gourd in the middle of the town on the grass part. Then turn right and there is another fuel rod/gourd by the water well. Next you need to go down onto the cow field. There are 2 fuel rods/gourds around the cows and 1 opposite on the other side of the road. There is another 2 on the same side as the cows but on the other side of the wall (closest to the desret) Now you need to head into the desert (this is where you have to pay attention because your sanity drops rapidly) Turn right and there is a fuel rod/gourd infront of the bushes. Then turn around and there is another 1 behing the cactus. Next you need to head towards the oasis but before you get to it, you need to turn left down a ramp towards the alien spaceship. There is a fuel rod/gourd there. Then go to the oasis and walk around it collecting all of the fuel rods/gourds. Then go just outsdie of the oasis and turn left and go to the little space pod thing and collect the 2 fuel rods/gourds. Then go to the cactus in the centre of the desert. that is near a bush and a rock and pick up the fuel rod/gourd. The go back to the freezer and recharge your sanity. Save your sim and turn off you ds. Turn it back on and do the same thing all over again. After repeating this a few times you will have memorised the route and collect fuel rods/gourds faster.

Now you are probably thinking what happened to the art gallery. Well as you are walking aorund the route, you will get phone calls or text messages to say that someone has bought your painting for aroun $1500. When you get this message, go to the art gallery and repaint the blank canvas until it says (Magnum Opus).

HAPPY MONEY MAKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!