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The Sims 2 Tips

A bit of help for Sanity and other things
If your sanity is running out a lot, really easily, or you tap the wrong thing while talking to someone, have a shower or use the punching bag in the freezer.

Also, if there's an alien invasion, they are afraid of water, (WATER GUN). Jimmy 'The' Neck, is afraid of the rat suit(RAT CAVE). I think robots: afraid of both...

Have you ever wished you could spam one of the sims? Here's how: Once you have the robot live in your penthouse he hooks up satellite for you, then you have to, go to the store everyday, you can get a computer(SPAMMING DEVICE), an arcade machine(USABLE), and I THINK you can get a TV, I dont know, my stupid friend overwrited mine with her bran-new one, and I had 3 out of 5 mechanical skills, GRRRRRR!!!!!!