The Sims 2 Cheats

Get goals easily!
This is super simple...

If you haven't yet beaten the game, then this is for you...

If you've just completed a goal for a sim in your penthouse, go up and talk to them as usual. Then, go back to the elevator and go to any floor (preferably the Sun Roof cuz its #1 on the list and the Penthouse is #1 on this list when your on the Sunroof).

Then, once you've arrived, go back down/up to the Penthouse and they will have something new for you to do. Then you can repeat this process over and over until you've gotten to a goal where you have to be somewhere at a special time.

At that point, save, quit, turn off your DS, and take out the Sims 2. Then, insert another game and play it for about five minutes. Then turn the DS off again, turn it back on, and go to your settings. Change the time to whatever you want, make sure it saves, and turn your DS off. Next, (the end is soon, I promise ) re-insert the Sims 2, and load your game. Then complete the rest your goals and voila! You're a step closer to beating the game!!

Hope this helps. I'm sorry if this cheat is a bit obvious, but oh well. Bye!