The Sims 2 Tips

A few fast ways to earn some cash
If you are in need of a few spare simoleons, read on.
On those annoying little jobs of Frankie Fusilli's, Ava Cadarava and Optimum Alfred, you will most probably need money to get further in the game. I have a few tips to make a few extra simoleons.

1. In the Hotel Lobby there is a brochure stand next to the seats in the corner as you come in. Go over to the brochure stand and restock it if it is empty. Your presence in the Lobby encourages other sims to buy your leaflets. They may not pay alot but it's still a way to get extra money.
2. Go and use your metal detector in the desert. You are sure to find some fuel rods, metal bars, mummified aliens and maybe even spaceship parts.
Don't forget to recharge your metal detector though!
3. Sell your gourds in the Saloon and your fuel rods in the City Hall, and anything you find in the desert can be sold to (who I assume is Johnny Smith from the computer Sims 2) the store clerk in the shop outside the hotel.
4. Sell any spare objects that you do not need. If you do not have any money at all, sell all of the things in your managers suite, like the bed, toilet, shower, sink, sofa, fridge and any deco you have because you can just use the facilities all over the town f(or example you could use the public toilets, or go to the bars and eat and drink, sleep in the rat cave, or in a guest room etc).
5. Cheer people up! If you cheer people up, calm them down or restrain them, you may receive a few extra simoleons. My experiences tell me that the higher the relationship between your sim and the one who is sad/angry/loopy, the more simoleons you get. The highest I've ever had is $15/$20. I know it isn't alot but it may pay off in a while. They might also give you things like fuel rods and gourds which you can also sell.
6. Defeat aliens, goons and robots! When they are defeated, you get a message at the top of the screen telling you that they have been defeated, and you will see a $ sign above your head. Normally I get about $300, but it may vary.
7. Play in the casino. If somebody phones you and says something about the cards being stacked, go and play as you will get better cards and probably better cash prizes.
8. In the vault (if you have built it by now) there is a machine in the middle of the room. It is a counterfeit machine. If you save your game before using it you have a better chance of getting away with a few prints. I think you get $10 each time but if you have metal bars in your inventory you can 'Process' them which may give you a bit extra cash.
9. At the beginning of the game when you are given the goal 'Raise hotel score to 20%'. It's not always easy if you are strapped for cash, but if you follow the tips above and think of a few of your own advice you could afford to buy either the Gallery or the Sax Lounge. In either of those you can make big tips. In the gallery, paint Masterpieces or Magnum Opuses and earn something around $1500 or maybe more. In the Sax Lounge you earn money and make music by using the keyboard. I read somewhere that if you plug your charger into your DS (You don't even need to be playing to make tips - just go to the keyboard and press 'Make Music' and you get tips for doing nothing!) and leave it over night you should have earnt quite a bit.

Those are the only tips I can think of right now, but if you want any more then email me on
Hope they helped!