The Sims 2 Cheats

Mechanical 5 Times
If you are stuck on Mechanical 5, here are all the times:

8:00 AM in northwest corner of Government Laboratory: Mechanical Skill Point
4:01 PM at shrine dedicated to Auda Sherif in Mamma Hogg's bedroom: Mechanical Skill Point

12:00 AM in blue corrugated carton in Secret Warehouse
4:01 PM next to the pallet in Furnace Room in Basement

4:01 PM opposite the pallet in the room with the pallet in the Vault

8:00 AM above the pallet in the Furnace Room
4:01 PM next to the stairs in the Basement

12:00 AM in alcove in Atrium Centre
4:01 PM in Government Laboratory

WARNING! DO NOT TIME TRAVEL! This will mess up your game, and others, too!