The Sims 2 Tips

Sum1's in lurv!
When you're in the beggining of The Sims 2 DS, you meet Tristen Legend when he makes the Casino for you. Has anyone noticed that throughout the game, he's the easiest to get along and make friends with. He's the first one to be my sim's best friend. It's weird!

1: Work your way up to being his "Friend" by *Cheering up, calming down, restraining or impressing* him.

2: When you call him and he says "I'm currently in the mood" and I'm in the SAX LOUNGE," then you have to buy a dresser (If you don't already own one) and change to "Formal."

3: Go to the SAX LOUNGE and "Romance" him. He should become your best friend and tell you his secret.

*His secret find out!