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The Sims 2 Tips

Beat the Robot Optimum Alfred, and the Game!!!
It's pretty hard but it can be done. After Emperor Xizzle tells you to crush the antenna by drinking a potion. Crush the antenna on the sundeck by drinking the potion next to the antenna.Then after crushing the antenna tell Xizzle and he will tell you to CRUSH OPTIMUM ALFRED, don't go and find him till you have got on your Rat suit. This is where the fun begins.
Go to the sundeck and if you hear the music 'Speed Metal', he's there.
Go up to him and frighten him, Ratarang him and then press the last button. He wont go to jail insted he will fly away and his 'colourful' sidekicks will come in. You will have to do the same thing to them before Alfred comes back.
Do this several time until You defeat alfred. When you do your sim or 'Rat' will run to the top of the building and look over strangetown.
Then credits will appear.yOU HAVE BEATEN THE GAME!!!Press B to cancel the credits. After the credits Alfred will come out of the river were you through him in and will apologize. Then, everything will go back to normal. WELL DONE IF YOU GET THIS FAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!