The Sims 2 Tips

chocolate milkshakes/ licence plates
Boy a cholcolate bar and give it to the cow as a gift then press tip and then milk, you will get a chocolate milkshake

My freind told me this one, these are the times where the licence plates are.

1 a.m- art gallery
2 a.m-atrum
3 a.m-stares by rat cave
4 a.m-casino
5 a.m.-next to the shead by cows
6 a.m-city hall
7 a.m- shrine
8 a.m- deluxe room
9 a.m-desert (don't know where in desert)
10 a.m-frezzer
12 p.m-spa/gym
1 p.m-jungle room
2 p.m-lion lounge
3 p.m-modern guest room
4 p.m- sun deak
5 p.m- penthouse
6 p.m- the red slide in the rat cage
7 p.m- sallon
8 p.m- sax lounge
9 p.m- big foot
10 p.m- sushi
11 p.m- vault

Hope i helped you!!