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Are you getting stuck on Earning Mechanical 5?
I, too, have gotten stuck on the goal: Earn mechanical five, break into the penthouse, and steal the blue prints. Here's how to get past it!

Lots of people fail this part, so don't worry. You're not the only one!

I can't tell you the exact times of the locations, but i can tell you where some mechanical skill points are.

One is on the Sun Deck far to the right.
One is in the vault, in the back room behind the money machine.
One is in between the stairs in the basement.
One is in the freezer.
One is in the Casino by the Keel Haulin table.

Tip: Some of these are not in the same place all the time. But I know for sure they are there, so keep checking daily so you can find them. Hope this helps!!!