The Sims 2 Cheats

After you beat the game(trust me, I JUST beat it like a day ago)the raticator(or whatever its called),which is you, will do this really dramatic thing where you jump on top of the building and then you see the raticator sign in the night. Sooooo cool! After that you will see some credits. After awhile, just press B to stop watching them. After that, go to your stat panel(in the managers suite) and exit. You should get a notice saying that you have unlocked a new outfit. If you are a girl you have unlocked the Mamma Hogg outfit. If you are a boy I have to find out. Then go to any XM radio or music pannel on your game and you will see "Credits Theme" song at the very bottom of the song list. It is the song when the credits were playing. It's a sort of rap with all of the sound affects bound in. Cool, Huh?