The Sims 2 Cheats

$$ Simoleons $$
Here's how to get lots of Simoleons!!!

#1. Play the piano at the Lion Louge or Sax Lounge. The other sims will tip you whether you're playing or not. Plug in your charger so that your DS will never run out of battery. Keep your charger in and your DS on and keep on playing the piano for days and your rich!!!

#2. Play Keel Haulin and Hotseat at the Casino over and over. You will get 200 simoleons each time you win!! You get extra loot if someone calls you saying "There's a fully stacked deck of cards at the Casino!"

#3. Sell your gourds and fuel rods. (I reccomend finding lots of each. You get more!!)

Make sure you don't spend your money. If you do, you will waste all that work!!!!!