The Sims 2 Tips

Painting for Money
The easiest way to make money as you play on is by having paintings in the Art Gallery.

They don't have to be amazing! I go with the "modern art" sort of look, so basically scribbles!!!!

Use 3 similar colours, normally ones beside each other on your palette, such as oranges, blues, purples, greens, pinks, but not browns or blacks. Scribble out some patterns with your 3 chosen colours. Fill the whole canvas and then finish.

You want your painting to rated as 'Magnum Opus' for most money, but 'Masterpiece' will do too. These will usually sell for over S1000.

When you receive a call or message saying someone bought your painting that's your cue to run in and do another. The more you top them up the quicker they sell.

Trust me on this one! I've been playing for just over a week, have every room so far, every guest room full of furniture and am currently carrying over S60,000! (Keelhaulin' on stacked decks and metal detector helped too!)!!!

Good luck!!