The Sims 2 Tips

Lots About Cows.
Theres lots of things to do with cows. I will tell you 3 things you can d with cows in this game.

1. Move up to a cow, and press milk. Now you should have a cup of milk in your inventory. Sell it, or drink it. If you milk a cow you will notice that you can't milk it again. Wait a couple minutes and you will be able to milk it again.

2. Move up to a cow, and press tip. It should fall over then come back up. Then, press milk. You should now have a milkshake in your inventory.

3. Buy a chocolate bar from the store and move up to a cow. Then, give them the chocolate bar for a gift. The cow should now be brown. Milk the cow for chocolate milk or tip the cow then milk it for a chocolate milk SHAKE.

Now, relax, and enjoy all the milk or milk shakes you can drink!