The Sims 2 Tips

Easy Money! (Requires Water Gun!)
So, what you do is set your system's clock how ever minutes/hours ahead, save, then set it back, and your concierge should call you and tell you that aliens attacked. (This is good)Then get your Water Gun and find the aliens and when you kill the aliens you will get money!

There will be 3 groups of aliens, one outside on the streets, one by the water fountain in your hotel, and one in the basement, shoot all the aliens with the water gun and they will vanish, and when you kill them all you will get a notice, and some money.

NOTE: This is easier with the rat costume, because if you get caught they will abduct you and you will walk very slow for a little while, but you you are in the Rat Costume they will just run away and if they do just walk in a door then back out and they will be there again.

~This may take a little practice but it is a very good way to make money!